Send and Recieve Money the Fast and Easy Way with Cashoo


Send and receive money with family and friends


Shop at local businesses from anywhere


Pay your bills with convenience


Make a donation to charity


Use biometrics or PIN for safe payments

Cashoo for Business

The best shop and pay technology for business

Quick set-up

Sign up with a mobile device and use it to receive payments instantly.

E-Commerce Ready

Receive payments on your website, social media accounts or business app

Multiple bank accounts

Input multiple bank accounts and choose any one to receive payments .

Pay your suppliers

Pay your suppliers from your Cashoo business account.

Safe and secure

every transaction is protected with the best safety and security for your business and your customers.

Security Features

User Verification

Cashoo Account set-up requires a user to use an email and a complex password. Passwords are protected using cryptographic technology, making the user's account impenetrable to bots and hackers.

Device Authentication

With a Secure Device Authentication Set-up, your Cashoo Account is only accessible using devices that you authorize. This ensures that no one can access your Cashoo Account by unauthorized devices.


Your Cashoo Account only responds to YOU! Whether it is by facial or fingerprint recognition, your Cashoo Account will not perform any transaction for anyone but you, even if it is with your mobile phone.

Bank Information Safety

Your Cashoo Account links to your bank accounts with secure technology provided by your bank. Your bank account and credit card information stays on your device and it is not shared or stored on the Cashoo platform or shared to other users, persons and entities, making it inaccessible to hackers.

Security Certifications

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